"We proudly say that ours is the pioneer institution that laid the foundation of both Sophia Sr. Sec Girls School, Vallabh Nagar and St. Paul’s School, Mala Road Kota Jn."

Welcome to Sophia School...

Sophia is not just a name of an institution but it is much beyond that…..
Sophia believes in bringing out perfection from an imperfect person, that too, not only in education & sports but in values too.
It teaches everyone
To look back & get experience !
To look forward & see hope !
To look around & find reality !
To look within & find oneself !

In School, our Sisters & Teachers make us realize that our goal should not be just to strive for wisdom & enlightment but to attain the fullness of personality and individuality.

I feel proud that my school achieves & sustains high standards of excellence that it sets for itself. I can say that with confidence that all the students studying here feel blessed & privileged to be a part of this dream institution. I myself feel fortunate that the first identity that I got in my life was that “I am a Sophian”.

Consequently, we all are proud of our “Sophian tag”.

I wish & pray that Sophia remains shining like a bright star & guide the students like an angel towards light through the darkness of life.

So like the Brook of Tennyson
Sophia can say with pride.
Men may come, men may go
But I go on forever . . . . . .
Head Girl
Yukta Malik
X - B